Tuesday, March 22, 2011

More Science and Art Connections on Sunday

On Sunday there was an artist/graphic designer/scientist that spoke to the audience about his artwork, and career work at the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab. It was fascinating. Then there was a guy in graphic design/information design trying to bridge the gap between the digital world and human face-to-face contact with art and design. Finally, there was an astronomer who works for Keplar who spoke to the audience about light curves, and her life as a painter/drawer and researcher. I also went to a talk about street art, hence the spray can.
Finally, I sat on an airplane for HOURS looking down at beautiful geological formations...


Emily said...

bravo on doing a daily reflection. i look forward to seeing more. were you in Seattle long? sorry about the Spartans. but the Wolverines (which i don't prefer) did me proud with almost eating the devils.

SLW said...

I was in Seattle Thursday to Sunday.

I'm always cheering for Michigan teams...hard habit to break, but I haven't really seen much basketball during March Madness (ever really.) I'm more of a fan in theory.