Thursday, April 26, 2007

Sketchbook Assignment

I am doing my sketchbook assignment along with my students...(The creepy drawing of the fingers was the first drawing I did for the assignment, and this is the second.) Only 14 more to go. I'm a mean teacher huh?

My students must thank my fellow bloggers for this assignment. I got so inspired by looking at visual blogs, which is where I got this list of drawings, that I decided they must draw these things too. (They have to do 13 on the list and then the bottom three challenges.)

____ ceramic animal.
____ something brass
____ a single flower, up close and
____ something new you purchased
this week.
____ fingers and/or toes
____ Odd shaped bottle
____ a game piece from any game
____ something a chef would use
____ potato chip or cracker
____ something you push or pull
____ something on your refrigerator
____ something that annoys you
____ links of a chain
____ what you keep spare change in
____ something with a flower on it
____ inside of a shell
____ something you measure
____ something your least favorite
____ 3 strange things in your house.
____ a tongue
____ 3-item still life in blue (or 3
blue items)
____ your face in a reflection
____ An “owie” (bruise, cut, scar,
____ a bowl of something
____ something that reminds you of a
____ a way to say “I love you

Challenge #1: toes on the hand/fingers on the foot.
Challenge #2: Make one of your items look like it is melting or sagging.
Challenge #3: Draw a hybrid between a fruit and an animal

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